Ordering MTailor Custom Shirts? Think Twice, Then Again


Customized for an elephant? MTailor”s customization was a bit, uh, off.

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — If you are considering an order from MTailor.com, the somewhat new online “custom shirt” maker that claims to be more accurate than whatever traveling tailor happens to be at the Renaissance Hotel for three days only, consider this: the guy at the Renaissance tends to be accurate. The shirts I just received after waiting a month aren”t even close.

Here”s how MTailor works. You download an app which instructs you to take a video of yourself which MTailor”s custom tailors somehow turn into the perfect measurement for shirts. You then choose from fabric patterns, colors and finishing — like cuff and collar. The result is supposed to be a perfectly customized shirt for $65. Except when you”re 5″4″” — like your humble editor (remember: BocaNewsNow.com is a hobby) — and MTailor decides you”re actually 7″11″”.

How does that happen? We”re not entirely sure. MTailor claims that I entered my height on their app as being 7″11″” which absolutely didn”t happen. Can I prove this? No, because inexplicably, there is no way to find your height in the app once your profile is created which is locked once you place your first order. This is a serious app flaw. It”s illogical buy cheap cialis online that a custom shirt customer can”t access something as simple as their height in the app that”s used to place the custom order.

I engaged in this debate for nearly ten minutes with customer service rep Alec, and then his supervisor Haynes Winkler whose name appears on all auto-sent customer service emails. Haynes seemed to concur that 7″11″” should have been a tip-off to someone to double check the order — since we don”t live in a world of Amazonian giants — but that I was sent an email stating that my order would be made for someone 7″11″”. In fairness to MTailor, it turns out this is true, but I apparently didn”t see the email, in part because I assumed their claims of being “20% better than a tailor” didn”t involve my own self-measuring.

The guy at the Renaissance never asked me to measure myself.

MTaior offers a refund policy so I knew there”d be no issue getting my money back. There”s also the dispute option with American Express (there”s no question but that an Amex specialist would have looked the above photo and issued a chargeback just as soon as they stopped laughing). I knew the bizarre experience would cost me nothing. But always willing to give tech a second chance, I asked about having the shirts remade and expedited.

This is where customer service took a turn for the worse.

Haynes told me that the tailors in China are on break for the Chinese New Year and there”s no function in place to “expedite” an order once they return. This makes one wonder if MTailor is just a front for someone else”s businesses — a virtual timeshare — or if MTailor actually has control over its product and production. If MTailor does have control, then expediting a redo should be no issue — your tailors come back from their holiday and you tell them to do this first. You expedite shipping and, in the name of customer service, you condense your six week turnaround to two and a half.

It”s just not an issue. (See: Amazon, Apple).

But MTailor said no way — it can”t happen. And that should make potential customers ask “why?” We”ll try to find out. In the meantime, MTailor told us to keep the elephant-sized shirts — we will give them to a charity. They”re also remaking the shirts at no charge. A smart move.

We”ll update this post when we receive them. Sometime after everyone returns from the Chinese New Year, makes other orders, then gets around to the do-over.

Check back in late March.







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